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On July 16th 2006, I placed a bid & successfully won a LG Chocolate mobile phone from seller fghj1457. I paid for the phone on 18th July 2006 via bank to bank telegraphic transfer. I have been emailing the seller requesting a delivery date for the phone ever since. To date no phone has been delivered and the matter is now with my bank and the Bank of China. The seller pleads innocence that, no money has gone into his account, but when he resubmitted his bank details at my request, the details were exactly the same as the details on the telegraphic transfer. Confronted with this, the seller has now stop all communications with me.

Before I place a bid with any seller I always look at their feedback. fghj1547 had a positive feedback rate at 100%......or so I thought. I revisited fghj1457 account when I smelt FRAUD/THEFT.

On reviewing fghj1457 account again I noticed that:

1. all 10 buyers left feedback on the same day and within 8 mins of each other.

2. all 10 buyers had 0 rating

3. detail of the items purchased by all 10 buyers were blank.

 fghj1457 is no longer a registered user on eBay.........NO  SH**  SHERLOCK!!!! and surprise surprise nor are any of the 10 buyers who left feedback.

Have a look at the account.................I've found others trading in the same way as fghj1457. If you find any seller with the same traits forward it to ebay customer service immediately. I have & do!!!!

Maybe ebay will take systems auditing more seriously.

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