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I just received my won dresses for my daughter this morning..I'am so happy..because i saved a lot of money with a combined shipment..The dresses were packed in a small envelope (just like a sardine)..3 nos. of dresses in a small envelope..just imagine that..I opened the envelope with full of excitement..SAD !!! one of the dress was cut almost half !! What had happen? The customs officer in my country unprofessionally cut the envelope and accidently cut my daughter dress (it was a new dress with a price tag US $24) Who should i blame?..I try to forgive myself, the custom officer and the seller for what had happened..I cant aspect the custom officer to act professional as they only have a lower school education (thats why they become a custom officer!! )and i cant blame the seller because this thing not happen in other country..and i blamed myself because i didnt take any insurance for my purchased.

So remember all the seller out there..when u ship a fabric item..please..slot in a cardboard both side of your envelope before shipping..and allow some space for the customs to slot in his knife to cut the envelope for inspection..this can save your selling items and it will be delivered safely to you valuable customer without any damage cause of unprofessional customs officer's inspection knife!!

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