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I'm not really bothered about votes on this guide, I simply want to get the word out and warn as many people as possible about the latest cruel telephone scam, which almost cost my gran her pension.

Basically you receive a call to your house phone from someone who claims to be an employee of your telehone provider. They tell you that you have fallen into arrears and the payment must be made immediately or you will be cut off as soon as that particular call is complete.

You will then be informed that the only method of payment that is acceptable at that late stage is a credit or debit payment over the phone.

At this point you should hang up, then call the police and report the attempted fraud. You will NOT be cut off, the phone companies do not work that way. If for whatever reason you were in arrears, you would receive contact via a series of official letters and you'd be invited to call them to disscuss a payment arrangement which was suitable for both parties.

If you have already been conned by this scam, then get straight onto you credit/debit card provider and explain to them what has happened. They will put a stop on your account and issue you with new cards. It is also quite possible that if you report the inccident quickley enough you'll be able to get your money back. Then contact your phone provider as there's a good chance that they're already working with the police to build a case agaist these scumbags.

I just hope this warning comes at the right time as I know of 3 separate individuals who have had this scam attempted on them this week.



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