BEWARE OF THIS SELLER - shayla_clamp

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Hi Buyers

Please beware of this Seller - shayla_clamp.  I bought the following items from her:

Item x1 paid for on 8/11/06 - It is now 07/12/2006 - STILL NOT RECEIVED - Lying about posting item and sent refund via Royal Mail:
Items x3 paid for on 8/11/06 - It is now 07/12/2006 - STILL NOT RECEIVED - Lying about posting items and sent refund via Royal Mail:
It is now Thursday 7 December 2006 and still no sign of the items I bought?
I went through eBay and PayPal's Policy - Recommended for Contacting Sellers and still no joy from her?  She refuses to reply to all my mails, even though she said she had via eBay?  If she did as you all know I would have had a reply?
She even PROMISED me to send my money/refund via a 'Postal Order'?  Have I received it?  NO??????  Your guess is as good as mine?  I know Royal Mail can be slow, but this is REAL SLOW - LOL.
On one occasion when I phoned her (Shayla), she even accused me of 'STALKING HER' (How dare she!)  Only because I wanted my money refunded back to me (£16.21).  Is it a crime to want your money back?  This is just not the Spirit of eBay!  As a Seller, she/Shayla has a duty to do things right!  No excuses about moving house or her PayPal Account is not working correctly.  What did she say "I am trying to please everyone here".  This is just not on.
The 'Negative Feedback' she has received from me is her own fault and she only has herself to blame for this sorry and sad episode.
I don't like leaving or have never left anyone a 'Negative Feedback', even though I have not had Feedbacks returned to me?
Thanks for reading my review.
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