BEWARE, PAYPAL Not As Safe As I Thought

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In May 2006, I sold a pair of Training Shoes to 'samina_24' who, once the item had been received and Good Feedback stating that the item was received, did a runner.

PAYPAL e-mailed me a 'Reversal of funds' notification, telling me that I had unautherised funds in my PAYPAL Account.

It turned out that 'samina_24' (Rukshar Aslam from Leeds) had registered with PAYPAL using someone elses Credit Card, the funds (£46) had to be returned to the rightful card holder

The Police say there is not a lot I can do about it, the crime was commited against the card holder and I should talk to PAYPAL as it is a Civil matter, this I have done but believe me, it's like trying to get blood out of a stone. Meanwhile, Rukshar's off to the Market or Car Booty with my trainers. It's not just me that was stitched up by Rukshar, he managed to complete 24 transactions in a 4 day trading period before being stopped by Ebay. Rukshar Aslam is now indefinately suspended.

The most irritating thing is thay PAYPAL allowed themselves to be conned and have just passed it on to me.

Buying or Selling, I will NEVER use PAYPAL again. hd21563

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