BEWARE SOME SELLERS ARE Overpricing Shipping & Handling

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Overpricing Shipping & Handling

This is probably the most common scam that occurs on ebay and many victims don't even think twice about it.

I'll keep this short and sweet. The scam basically goes as follows:

    A buyer wins an item in an auction. The seller overcharges for shipping & handling.

This is a very common scam (at least 75% of sellers overcharge on shipping), however it can be easily avoided.

In order to avoid falling victim to this scam, NEVER bid on an item unless you know and agree to the seller's shipping charges beforehand.

Many auctions have the shipping charges listed in the auction, and for those that don't you should always ask the seller the cost BEFORE placing a bid.

You can also check the seller's feedback to see if there have been complaints about shipping in the past.

Why do so many seller's overcharge for shipping??

Well even though most sellers don't overcharge shipping by very much, the majority of sellers prefer to make money on shipping rather than lose money or break even.

Most buyer's have no problem with this, however, when seller's start overcharging by anywhere from $5.00 - $50 is when it gets out of hand.

PLEASE READ: It appears that the scammers are the only people who are not finding this guide helpful. This scam is effecting 100's of people daily. Please vote "Yes" for this guide below to help others from getting scammed and making the Ebay community even better!


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