BEWARE: Selling Mobile Phones and Computers

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This is just a friendly warning to all those people who are planning on selling their mobile phones or laptops/PDAs/Desktops. Watch who is bidding on your items, keep a very close eye on it as technology which has or has had your private information on it (i.e. passwords/bank numbers etc) can, in the wrong hands, be used maliciously. It is particularly important to check where the seller is from, places like Nigeria are a hot bed of unlawful activity. They actually have groups who work as a business over there to get peoples data and use it to steal money. They have been known to work as cleaners at banks and steal important documents but most important to you they can also retrieve data you thought you'd deleted from your mobile or PC.

REMEMBER: Even though you've deleted your passwords, bank details etc this does not mean its gone forever, criminals have ways of retrieving them.

So remember these important tips when selling Mobile Phones, PDAs, PCs, Laptops:

  • Always check the background of who is bidding
  • Delete bids by any suspicious buyers
  • Check their location i.e. Nigeria
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