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Hi there! I just love looking for bargains on ebay especially kids clothes. I have never written a guide before but I decided that I would because there is something really getting my goat.
I love NEXT kids clothes and often search for "next 2008" to find the latest collections for things I can't find instore etc.
Most of the items are genuinely this year's collections either summer or winter but some are DEFINITELY NOT this season's NEXT clothing. I can remember buying some of the things a good few years ago, especially the girls clothing!
For those who don't know, underneath the wash instructions inside a NEXT garment there is another small tag in the form 00/00. This will give you the year of the the clothing as it is the manufacture date.
For example, last night in my local NEXT I bought my little one a new top. The code reads 08/04.
This means it was made in April 2008. Then give a few months to reach the stores and voila it is this season's autumn/winter collection.
I hate to think that people are paying good money thinking that they are buying the trendiest togs available for their kids when they are not!
Also, since the labels changed the newest clothes do not have the two red hearts on either side of "NEXT" like they used to. (Girls clothing obviously!)
Anyway, rant over! Hope this helps and happy shopping!!
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