BEWARE! Those Street Guys are on Ebay !!! please read!

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BEWARE! Those Street Guys are on Ebay !!! please read!


? Should Ebay tighten its membership account by finding a more secure and better way of Verifying potential member's details e.g name , address e.t.c.

Have you heard of those guys operating on the street by swapping what you buy with either onion or bottle of water? It's real and they are now operating on ebay. I was a victim 5 weeks ago.

I just thought I will share it here to prevent you from falling another victim. If you need evidence I can provide you with photograph of what I got instead of a laptop. Some 5 weeks ago I placed a bid on a very cool sony vaio laptop, I never knew it was these professional bad guyz, although the feedback does reflect 2 but I just thought I should give it a trial as everybody starts with 0 feedback.

I asked him a question about the location of the item but he replied buy asking me if I can make him an offer , although I knew the laptop's worth but I said 100 pounds, and he replied that  he can sell it for me only if I add a minimum of 80 to it making 180 pounds, so I replied that all I've got was 150 pounds final, and he said he will consider it because he is travelling the other week, I wouldn't have gone for it if not for a friend that was pressing that he needed the laptop and that It was very good for that price.  So he arranged for me to collect around leyton station area in East london.

Now listen, please beware if a seller ask you to come for a collection at a place where he is not living, it is mostly because he/she is dodgy for one reason or the other. On getting there, he was with another guy and I can't explain how they swapped the laptop which I packed myself into the carry bag with an onion. We left each other very nicely but before I could realise what was inside the bag I have entered the train, on boarding the train I put the bag on my laps and I was feeling some round round object, when I opened the bag I almost run mad. BEWARE! I informed the police about it.

Please beware of sellers who require pick up but not in their house. They may be dodgy !

I think ebay should find a better way of verifying potential member's address and other details especially sellers before sign up rather than just taking any name and address.

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