BEWARE User ID Theft ... Hijacked yet again!!!

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This is getting ridiculous ... despite my being extremely cautious since having my EBay account ID stolen in September last night i found once again that somebody had done it YET again ...........

I just happened to go on TO MY EMAIL AND NOTICED 3 EMAILS FROM EBAY REGARDING MY HAVING CONTACTED THEM AS I HAD FORGOTTEN MY PASSWORD ... not true, I HAD NOT CONTACTED THEM, MY HEART STARTED THUDDING as I realised that the chances were that some third party had once again hijacked my account, i immediately opened a new browser window and tried to sign into my account .......... surprise surprise once again i could not get in, the password had been changed, I got onto live help and after waiting for absolutely ages I spoke to an Advisor who informed me it aws 'probably just a spoof email' despite my having told her i could not access my account, i repeated this information and she then went off to 'look into it' she returned to tell me that EBay had noted suspicious activity regarding interference with my password and had therefore suspended my account!! well that is amazing, as why then had i not been informed, how was my password changed by a third party and more importantly what worries me is, ................. HOW ARE THEY DOING THIS???!!! ............................  

The email that I received from ebay confirming my apparent forgotten password stated very clearly  quote: 'This email was sent automatically by ebay in response to your request to recover your password . This is done for your own protection, only you the recipient of this email can take the next step in the password recover process'.  .................. SO what i want to know is, if I am the only one who can 'take the next step' how come the password was successfully changed and when i asked the advisor this she answered 'search me' !!! well this would mean someone presumably having access to my email account?? how?? neverthe less i changed all my passwords on my email etc late last night was given back my account by EBay . fortunately no illegal activity had had time to take place, BUT whoever did this had changed my name and address in my personal section, presumably so they could get goods sent to them but left mine as the billing and fee paying address!! the new address was as follows for anyones information, 

Carrine S Spencer, 3 Raintree, Baytown, TX77520, United States 

So should you get asked o send goods to this address at any time i should definitely forget it!!! I was up to 3 am this morning dealing with all this and changing my passwords etc UNFORTUNATELY my experience doesnt end here!! I came in this afternoon, sat at my computer and GUESS WHAT??? YES!! once again there are 3 emails in my inbox re 'forgotten password' Frankly i now believe Ebay to be too unsafe for me to trade and i intend freezing my account until such time as they address this issue and do something about it for us innocent genuinepeople who merely wish to trade safely, it seems obvious to me that these leaks or breaches of securityare not coming from 'our' end but from Ebays flawed security system itself and therefore none of us are safe. I urge anyone trading on Ebay to do so with absolute caution and we all need to make ourselves heard with regard to our unwillingness to ignore these security issues until EBay addresses this ongoing problem

Thank you for reading this, and I hope you are luckier than me with your account but please if you value not only your peace of mind but also your good name and reputation re user feedback coninue to ......BEWARE!!!!!!

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