BEWARE of PS3 & message scams

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** Please excuse the prices this is an old review ** (updated 17 nov 2010)

Scams unfortunately are a definate threat to us all, especially on ebay where evrything is operated on trust. However there are a select few of the sellers on here distributing links through the message section of listings, these reccomend you visit their site and more often then not, all the prices you see are euros, Please be carefull!

For example a Sony Playstation 3 60gb should rrp at £425.00. these sites are selling them at 292euros, roughly translated thats £170.00 dont take a chance, and dont buy it! dont get crafty and pre-list because you will be out of pocket, and your excellent seller rating will go down the pan, with negative feedback.

Buy from who you trust, never from an email, especially if you cannot find the website in a standard search engine without typing in the full url., 

This is the site which approached me through my messages, cccieg there are many others out there.

Avoidance Tips!

1: if they are going through the trouble to message through all listings on ebay, they are not legit! if they were they wouldnt be doing these desperate tactics to gain your custom!

2: Look at the prices CAREFULLY, you tell me where you can pick up a brand new suzuki hayabusi for 1100euros??

3: Check where possible from independant sites, the legitamacy of the company. try their names, initials in mainstream search engines, if you cant find them dont trade with them! If the deal go's sour do you fancy trying to find the owners?

4: You will find that some of these have a checkout facility that doesnt work, misspellings on the webpages, and the pages have html mistakes at the end of certain questions, i.e pound symbols, dashes appear at the end of words, all indicate, cheaply made and disposable! which means even if your first order does get delivered, Will the next larger order get to you.?

If you see a ps3 60gb for a bargain price, do not be fooled, with these kind of goods you cannot take risks.!

Please be aware this guide was posted a while back and retail prices may have changed since. Thank you



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