BEWARE of eBook feedback

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Beware of eBook feedback

By SteveHills64

What is it?

eBook feedback is the term given to a eBayer who has gained most of their feedback from buyin eBooks off other eBayers.

Beware of it. Why?

eBayers can easily get their feedback up a lot if they just buy lots of eBooks from different sellers. For example, If eBooks cost 5p each and there were 100 people selling them, one seller could buy an eBook from very one of those 100 sellers. It would only cost him £5 but it would gain him 100 positive feedback if he paid for them all. Now it looks like this eBayer has a lot of experience and trust.

The eBayer may then start to sell items that have a high value but do not exist. They will probably sell a few of them at the same time. Once the buyers had all paid for them he would cancel his account and be laughing with at all that money in his bank account.

How does it affect you?

When you are looking to buy an item with a high value, you will probably just glance at his feedback score. If it's the same guy as in the example, then you will notice he has 100% postive withh 100 feedbacks. But beware. Dont just glance at the feedback, actually read through it to see what items he has been selling or buying. If it is mostly eBooks, then I would avoid them and find another seller.


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