BEWARE of the 60 day exclusion to faulty purchases

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I bought a game on ebay this summer...Quoits...from Homestop786. Their listing said they were the cheapest....well actually they weren't, but when I asked the question, the other seller was part of the same company!!  Anyway, the game arrived and I made the mistake of not opening it right away. It was opened about 3 weeks later when we wanted to play it outside in sunshine. The box was damaged but the parts seemed ok. After about half an hour...the ropes started to come undone and we had to stop the game. We couldn't glue them back together - and I made an appeal to Homestop a few days later to replace the game or refund me. They replied by email to apologise and it seemed I had been sent a faulty game. They sent me a prepaid label to return the box...which I thought was a reasonable gesture. WRONG!!  Having forgotten about this item being returned, the 60 days had expired by the time I sent an email to ask what was happening....and would I get my game back or a refund. Homestop categorically refuse to help me now because they say the 60 day expiry date means they have no record of this transaction!!  I paid via Paypal as always...but have you ever tried to contact Paypal to complain or even ask them something? Nightmare. I managed to find an old customer services paypal address and emailed them with my plight. Guess what...they've ignored me. I've only lost about £9 I think... and I'm tempted to go to Trading Standards or someone who can help me highlight to everyone what these scammers are doing.

I hope this helps someone...but the moral is...beat the 60 day deadline if you want to claim.



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