BEWARE of what you think are BARGAIN LAPTOPS.......

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I feel by writing this guide for people, I could be saving them a lot of money and hassle.....   I recently had a really bad experience on ebay......

I really needed a cheap laptop for work related purposes, so I turned to my trusted place to look for one(ebay of course!!!). I thought I had found just what I wanted, I paid my £125 for the item and waited for it to arrive. The laptop arrived very prompt. I unpacked it and switched it on. The thing worked fine for 2 days, then it just dumped the physical memory???????

I tried to contact the seller and had no joy. so I took it to a local computer shop (this cost me a further £45!!!) the man told me that whoever sold me the laptop, knew that it had it's life and was due to do this at any point. I was scammed!!!!!!!

so please anyone who is purchasing electricals off ebay please be warned!!!!!!!!!  :+(


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