BEWARE scam feedbacks

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Don’t be scammed on eBay.

Ebay buyers are recommended to check sellers feedback before making any purchase. This is one of the most important factors before you make decision about purchase from particular seller.

I have noticed that some people are buying themselfs feedback to build credibility on ebay. It is quite easy and very cheap. They are buying popular ebooks. You can find them when inserting a word "ebook" in your search engine. Than you buy as many auctions as you like for 1 pence YES just 1 pence each or 1 cent if you buy them from USA. It only cost you £1 to build 100 positive feedback. 

Then some individuals once received few hundred + positive feedback would start selling very expensive items. Try to purchase from them. You will never receive the item and you have already lost your money.


My advice is:

 Not only read comments as they might look great but ALWAYS check the item this feedback has been received for.

Also check if your seller has already sold the same item as you are going to purchase and what feedback have they received.

There are lots of frauds and scams’ going on in the Internet today and E-bay is not excused. So, it's important for buyers to detect early signs of fraudulent activities before it gets them. BE ON YOUR GUARD!!!!!!!!

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