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My name is Lorraine and I (sometimes unfortunately!!) am married to a servicing solider in the British Army.  I joined ebay about 2 years ago when we were based in Surrey & loved what I bought & loved the money I made by selling.

Then in August we moved back to Germany & still had my bug.  I obviously didn't have my uk address, but being BFPO our address is still a UK one.  So I still purchased my items, but had to email every sellar to let them know that postage costs would still be the same if posting within in the uk.  I also emailed people prior to bidding.  You can imagine this gets a little tiresome, so I'm writing this so maybe when a sellar sees a BFPO address & doesn't know, they may do a search & see my little piece.  Then hopefully eventually us poor HM Forces serving personel & dependents wont have to keep repeating ourselves!!

This is how it works, anyone sending us items pays for the parcel/packet/letter to go to London.  Then the Army pick it up & bring it over to us foc, as part of thier "Welfare Package"!!  If the parcel obviously is a bit bigger you do it through Parcelforce & it works the same.

I hope this brings light to sellers & safes us poor people sending the same old emails .... so dont forget to vote on this write up so I know people are reading it!!

Thanks for your time

Lorraine xxx

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