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As a member of the armed forces and a big fan of eBay i find it somewhat annoying that so many sellers out there refuse to post items to a BFPO address. Having spoken to some of these sellers I have found that they are put off from posting things to these addresses due to the fact that they think they are going to have to pay more postage and so lose money on the items. This is most definately not the case as I am about to explain.

Whilst forces bases are indeed spread out all over the world and someone purchasing your item with a BFPO address would need it sending to Germany, America or even the Carribean islands the postage you pay as a sender is the same postage as sending the parcel by royal mail to central London. This is because central London is where the parcel is going.

The forces ahve a warehouse in London where all of the BFPO items are sent. The forces postal department then group all of the packages and letters together and forward them onto the various bases, determined by the BFPO number on the address. However the onward journey is done at no further cost to the sender.

Therefore if you are prepared to post your items to central London then there is no reason why you should be scared off by a BFPO postal code. Please start to include BFPO postal addresses in your advertisements as we deserve to be able to purchase items off eBay too! The forces personnel will then tell their friends about the good service they received and so you will probably receive more trade out of the deal too.

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