BIN pricing..A few words of explanation

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I sell on e-bay using the Buy it Now / BIN ..Why you may ask,reasons as follows.

1...E-bay is moving from an auction site,to a more here is the product,and here is the price.

2...You can buy it sraight away.

3...The price you see is the price you pay ,it INCLUDES THE POSTING AND PACKING.

4...Makes it easier for the seller,as he knows what he will sell the product for.

5...Also gives the seller flexibility in pricing,in that if item is not selling,can adjust price to sell.

My view is that some of the best value deals are to be had this way,as if like me the price is applied that gives a value to the item you can understand.

It says £7 all in,you can see the price and justify your buying decision.

6...Also allows the  buyer to make muti purchases at same time,not possible in an auction situation.

To sum up...The benefits to the buyer is that the price you see is the price you pay..."SIMPLES"

All the best in your buying in 2013...Richard

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