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Currently i am noticing a growing trend of ebay members taking pre order still listings and not writting the listing is for a pre order

Take for example the new blackberry bold 

with a release date of a few weeks from now yet a particular ebayer is selling them from the us and not one of his 10+ bidder have left him a good feedback

Now i know said user is a powerseller but i still have worries when you consider that not 1 of the bidders has recieved this phone from him

I have checked their listing and found not one word on shipping time frames less than 21 days and they have been selling this phone for like a good few days


I have not seen one person leave good feedback yet and they have been selling now for a few days i am a bit concerned that as phones like this come out

What you will get is people trying to take pre orders from ebay buyers and not advising that your item is actually going to be done in a pre order.

I will try to contact the seller for images and advise on here.  but i would say for now if your considering buy to think twice as there is nothing to show this seller actually has this phone as they didnt even use an actual image of the phone it's a stock photo.


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Update 09-08-2008

Turns out i am right about people selling the phones with pre order motives and not telling the buyers its pre order

Some are saying its a customs declaration issue others are saying its at a friends but one thing is certain the Black berry bold is not out in Uk nor is it out in USA some people tend to sell items before they are released officially.

If they do always ask for photo (personalised) its too easy to get an image of anything these days online


Another note - the blackerry servers are going to be down until the blackberry is actually released somewhere in the world this means even if you have it right now you will only be able to use the phone service nothing more.

Ebay is a great way to pre sell items before you actually get authorisation to sell the item from the manufacturer but its also a great place to fall victim to fraud if you are not careful obviously many people selling these are genuine but there is a small minority of sellers trying to abuse the ebay system

I spoke to a seller that was trying to sell this phone in Uk when i asked him to collect he said he didnt have the phone on him and he was waiting for a friend to bring it for him so i warn all buyers be careful and know that until any seller selling this phone is getting feedback from people that have bought it before hand i would ask you to not part with your money yet till you see some feedback from people that have bought

One seller currently offering over 40 phones has sold around 100 units of these and not one person has given him any feedback


Final shocking update-

A little bit of sad news having already seen this ebayer listing blackberry bolds from 1st august and not stating that it is a pre order selling them for top dollar(the kind of money you get for items that are not available)  I sent him an email asking about if he had stock and here is what i got as a response PS i did not buy any from him so this response got me worried

This is a list of the emails i have got from them so you decide whats going on

This first mail was received on the 7th august days after this user had sold around 80 of these units all on ebay

These should start shipping next week, we ask all buyers to allow up to twenty days for delivery, even though they should start shipping next week. We ordered 60 Units from Blackberry, and we should of have them by today, but because they stock in customs they will be only released next week, as soon as they do, we will be sending them out! They are Original in the box with all accessories, Unlocked and Unbranded.

Now this wouldnt shock you unless you saw this second email i received 6 days later surely by now it should have cleared customs after the user had by now taken more than 140 orders not one item shipped

OK, we ordered 90 Units from Blackberry, now they stock in customs, we should of had them by now, but customs still testing to see if everything is safe and other crap that they do, as soon as they clear I will send it to you!


Now if you look carefully the stock ordered has jumped up to 90 from 60 and the remaining 30 all of a sudden is already in the customs warehouse i dont know about you but this seller also recently isnt a power seller something that they should kinda be when you see the volume of sales they are hitting

I am growing concerned as many people have bought this phone from this user and not 1 person has received it.


The worst part about all of this is the blackberry is not even due till the 20th so how this guy that is claiming customs has his parcel is selling them i dont know cause i am sure if customs had this parcel they would ask Blackberry that would say its not yet out so they should not give them to him.


Last update


Orange UK have released this phone and this seller named above still does not have the phone or a feedback from one buyer that has received this phone funny how this world works isnt it ?


Also for many people that have been asking please note this phone on orange can not be unlocked at all unless you do so from orange directly and that will only be allowed by orange after 3 months of the contract is done and Then they will apply for your unlocking code so dont waste money buying this phone on orange if you dont want to use an orange sim in it

See buyers of Iphone 3g for referrals

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Also beware of a fake Unlocking service being sold on ebay for Blackberry Bold

Blackberry have a small Contractual Agreement of exclusivitiy on the blackberry bolds so No one can get codes from blackberry for any uk phones on orange and should anyone do so then they would be breaching this agreement(You can ring Orange today and confirm this)

Beware before you give anyone offering said service your IMEI number as this is how phones do get cloned it happened with some iphones and some previous nokia's do not be fooled You have been warned!



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