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Information on Bluetooth Technology  The Top Bluetooth Questions and Answers on bluetooth technology and how it works. Bluetooth explained simply by Solware Ltd.

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Q: I am looking for a list of Bluetooth enabled products. Where can I find them? Where can I purchase them?

A: Bluetooth wireless technology can be implemented into products as diverse as automobiles and medical devices and are available on a worldwide basis. There are over 1,000 different products on the market. This site contains a list of products, although not exhaustive, it will give you an idea of the many types of products that are available today. Bluetooth enabled products are produced and sold by individual manufacturers and sold through their own sales channels. For instance, you would buy a Bluetooth enabled car at an automotive dealer or a Bluetooth enabled Personal Computer at a local computer retail store. Click to see our list of Bluetooth enabled devices or manufacturers.

Q: I have one or more Bluetooth enabled products and I am having trouble getting them to work or am not sure if they are compatible.

A: Technical support is offered by the manufacturer of the individual product.

Q: I own one Bluetooth enabled product. What else can I purchase that will work with it?

A: This site contains information that describes various applications across two or more Bluetooth enabled products. This can include applications from internet connectivity to gaming to hands free telephone use. Wirelessly connect to your world and learn about the possibilities of Bluetooth.

Q: I would like more information about Bluetooth wireless technology?

A: This guide contains information on Bluetooth wireless technology. However, if you need a more technical explanation on the technology or its development, please see our website by googling Solware Ltd.

Q: I am a student doing a project on Bluetooth wireless technology. Can you send me information?

A: The level of technical detail on this site is limited. For information on developing products, history of the technology, idea labs, and forums to post questions, please see our website by googling Solware Ltd.

Q: What are the costs involved with using Bluetooth wireless technology? Do I need to set up an account or use a certain service?

A: The costs of using Bluetooth wireless technology is limited to the cost of the product in which it is integrated. Bluetooth wireless technology operates on an unlicensed radio spectrum. There is no charge for communicating between two Bluetooth devices. However, any use of Bluetooth technology, data or voice, using your mobile phone is part of your regular mobile phone costs. There is no account or service registry related to Bluetooth technology use.

Q: Which mobile phone carriers sell Bluetooth enabled phones?

A: Bluetooth phones are available from mobile network operators worldwide. However, not all network operators currently sell Bluetooth enabled phones. Due to the rate at which mobile operators change their phone offerings, we are unable to provide an up to date list of phones availabled at each operator worldwide. Therefore, please contact your local mobile operator to see if they offer Bluetooth enabled mobile phones.

Q: What is the difference between Bluetooth wireless technologies and other technologies, such as UWB, 802.11g, 802.11a, 802.11b, WLAN, Wi-Fi, AirPort, Infrared, and Zigbee?

A: While there are many differences, key among them are range, power consumption and intended use. Bluetooth wireless technology in its most common implementations has a range of 30 feet (10m), is low-power consuming, designed for battery operated mobile devices and provides voice, data and audio connections between devices.

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