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advice to everyone - you can see how he writes about people that he seems to have limited education. He not only fabricates stories but also tries to bully people. Read my feedbacks and read his.  The police have been very supportive and would not make statements that he says they have made. I have evidence stating he does not give refunds and it was not until I gave proof of deception that he wanted the album back however, I offered for a third party to intervene and exchange album for cheque which he refused to agree to. This thief is a lowlife who  makes up stories  -  I have again today received another complaint against him . He is causing problems to other ebay members who are decent law abiding people. Many people have been conned by him - if you have experienced problems with him please contact me or report him to your local police station and ebay. ( I am sure ebay will be keen to deal with him?)

    Thanks for taking your time to read this and enjoy ebay because majority of people are good people, but it hurts when you meet a criminal and you lose money. (My advice don't take the risk -if in doubt don't deal with him)




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