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Before you find yourself in a bidding frenzy for quality fancy dress and dress up clothes for your kids, get yourself down to the high street or supermarket to check out the bargains!

During the festive seasons many parents receive a slip from school informing them of the part their child has been selected for in the school play. Right or wrong, most of us head straight for our laptops in search of the perfect costume because it's easier & will be delivered to our door. But then there's the worry of it arriving on time, if it doesn't get lost or damaged in transit. There's also the stress of 'will it look okay/ be the correct size & item?' 

At the end of November, Nativity-King/Wise Men were going for up to £20 plus p+p on Ebay. The exact same outfits were on sale in Home & Bargain for just £3.99! If you don't live near to one of the stores branches, it's highly likely that you'll know someone who does!

Don't forget all the major supermarket chains. They all seem to be jumping on the FANCY DRESS bandwagon that ASDA started off and you can get some fantastic outfits for under a tenner. (Just don't expect your little darling's costume to be unique!)

People often forget that the £1 & 99p shops do seasonal dress up, but you'll need to be super organised & early to grab those bargains. They literally sell out as soon as the reach the shelves. The same usually applies for the ex-catalogue & ex-chain store shops. If you're lucky enough to be in a charity shop at just the right time it's like winning the lottery.

You can often find 'once worn, last year' Christmas costumes at your local Christmas fairs. Also, some fancy dress shops have sales to clear out ex-rental outfits which they no longer require-just ask when they are hold their next one!

So if you're reading this after virtually remortgaging your home for the sake of a shepherd outfit, then take comfort in the fact you're not on your own. But I hope I'll be saving your pennies for you in the future.



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