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Brand new without tags!!

The reason for writing this is the fact that I have been bitten more than once with this description........a lot of people who sell do describe items as Brand new without tags......sometimes they are but sometimes they are not!!!

It is quite easy in most cases to find out which ones are described correctly........firstly the feel of the garment....does it feel s if it has never been worn/washed..the material should be crisp.

Check the tags (washing instructons especially) even after one wash they do tend to fade.....if they are crisp and clear then you can be more of less sure that it has not been washed...any signs of fade then its not what is appears to be.

Smell it...can you detect any fabric conditioner etc if so check with the seller to see if they sent it laundered!

Seams and hems are a great giveaway...if someone is trying to pass off an item as Brand new they will often iron it...leaving telltale iron marks on cuffs, collars, hems and seams.....especially on heavier materials such as denim.

Check the shape if its a t shirt is it stretched out of shape if so its worn

This is just a quick guide to help you out.........I myself tend to check the wash tag before anything else!!!

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