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Hi all,
I am writing this review to let you know how dangerous this buggy is. I recently purchased one and in the 4 days i used it for my son was nearly face first on the pavement 4 times!! It really is that bad!! It got to the stage i was a nervous wreck using it!
What happens is, if the buggy hits even a small bump the front wheel stops dead resulting in the buggy and yourself  flying forwards, like i said my son was inches from the ground,but luckily i managed to pull it back and that is hard enough! can you imagine if he'd actually hit the ground and I'd landed on top of the buggy?! It doesn't bare thinking about. Google this pushchair and see for yourself, especially reviewcentre, of course some people are going to love this buggy, but the majority have all found the same as me and warn against getting one.
I bought this pushchair off eBay and i cannot fault the seller in taking it back. I also contacted consumer direct and they said it had serious safety issues and not fit for purpose, they are now in touch with trading standards about this issue, i would like to see britax remove the verve from sale or modify it in someway that makes it safer to use. To me the centre of gravity is all wrong, all the weight is at the front of the buggy thats why it tips forwards so easily.
All i can say is, please be carefull if you do really want one of these, but to me they are accidents waiting to happen!!
If you need to know anything more, please get in touch

P.S i have now heard back from trading standards, and they have had lots of concerns raised with this buggy, britax are now thinking of discontinuing the britax verve!! well done britax!
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