BSA Motorcycle Models Timeline 1937-1972

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We love our classic bikes, their beauty, lines, engineering, innovation... I could go on.  To the uninitiated, Classic, Vintage, Veteran terms can bring forward ideas of "a more simple and less complicated time".  We find the perfect mechanical horse, fall in love and promise to bring them back to their former wonderful glory.

Back at the workshop/shed/kitchen(?!) we get down to the valves and bearings of it all and it dawns on us, like the sun rising in all its blinding brilliance that actually, a red-blooded horse fed on oats and apples is far easier to understand than our new petrol driven love.

All analogies aside Classic et al terms do not equal simple.  Fed up of cross-referencing between parts manuals, internet, and scraps of paper I decided I would hit the spreadsheet and try and bring a bit of order to the chaos of information.  I should warn you that this is an ongoing project, and by no means complete!  Other guides will cover other subjects in the future.  This, however, is my first attempt at helping make a bit more sense of it all.

Starting with the Bantams, this guide provides information on the variant, frame type, engine capacity, gears and years for each model listed.  If you find a gap and you have the knowledge, please do message us so we can update the guide!!!  All additions will be gratefully acknowledged.  In the same vein, if you believe we have documented incorrect details please please please do let us know along with the correction...

BSA Bantam Models
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BSA Bantam Models

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