BT iPlate Broadband Accelerator Guide and Fitting

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BT iPlate Broadband Accelerator

Your broadband service can slow down if your telephone extension wiring picks up electrical interference from TVs, lights and other everyday equipment. Fit an accelerator to your phone socket and it will filter out this interference, helping improve your connection. The result should be a faster, more reliable broadband service.

What is the BT i-Plate and how does it work?

The i-Plate is a filter for use on ADSL Broadband lines to improve the speed and stability of the connection.When connected to the master socket, the iPlate filters the 'bell wire' which used to be needed to make our old-fashioned analogue telephones ring. However, with today's touch-tone phones, this bell wire is now redundant and its presence in a master socket actually causes digital interference on the ADSL line. With an iPlate, you will still need to use micro filters.


  • Increased speeds: Some lines have seen up to 4Mb increases in speed although improvements of 1.5Mb were found to be more typical in a benchmark survey of 36,000 filtered lines. This indicates a potential 10Db extension in reach meaning iPlates can also help with poor performing ‘Long lines’ (the further away you are from the exchange). These benefits were realized on ADSL lines and they'll be at least as good, if not better, on ADSL2+ lines.
  • Improved stability:  Since the iPlate also helps to make ADSL connections more stable, there can be Broadband performance benefits even when line speed is not noticeably increased. The same benchmark study of 36,000 lines showed that filtered lines typically had 20% fewer drop outs and a 45% reduction in error rate.

Who can use it?

You can benefit from an accelerator if:
  • You have more than one working phone socket in your home. The extension wiring that connects the sockets together is what can pick up electrical interference.
  • You have a BT master socket that looks like the one pictured below (BT NTE5 type Master Socket). The master socket is the main phone socket in your home, usually where the cabling comes through the wall from outside. The socket pictured is the only type that will work with an I-Plate.
A good way to tell if your line is likely to benefit from bell wire filtering is to compare Broadband performance test results when the modem is plugged into the master socket, versus plugging it into an extension socket. If you see an improvement in broadband performance when the master socket is used, this is a good indication that an iPlate will help.

Who cant use it?

The accelerator will have little or no effect if:

  • There is already an SSFP (Service Specific Front Plate) installed, thus separating the broadband and telephone signals
  • The socket is a newly installed BT Openreach socket (with BT Openreach Logo shown below)
  • The line is newly installed, without the bell ringer wire included
Openreach Socket

How do I get one?

  • If you are a BT broadband customer you can get one free (you pay postage)
  • If you are NOT a BT broadband customer but use a BT line (like AOL for example) you can just buy one and fit one. Plenty for sale on eBay!!

How can I fit one?

If you have checked that it is suitable for you you can fit one very easily yourself.
  • Unscrew the face plate from your socket and put the in accelerator in its position
  • Replace the face plate inserting the plug into the accelerator:
  • Put the screws back in and you are done!

A very quick and easy solution to faster broadband!!


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