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Like if this guide is helpful
I am writing this guide as i have seen single issues with the part on sale on ebay for £9.99 + £2.55pp.
Quite frankly you buy directly from Eagle Moss Ltd any back issue for £5.99 + £3.00p.
Eagle Moss are the sole importers of this series from the U.S.A,you can go to the build a solar system website & buy.
i subscribe to Eagle Moss over 12 months for this series unless you orderd from your newsagent.they came with the magazine of four.
And four sealed parts so if the parts are loose then they have been opened.depending on the month sometimes five.
if you are starting out to build this model you should know that in issue 8 the 11th tooth gear which drives the earth around the sun,
was a design fault i did not recive the replacement part until issue 52 sealed with power mains if on sale you should ask if it has the,
the redsigned part because with out it the model wont work or if issue 52 is on sale ask if its with may have also a little trouble with moon arm,we found a longer grub attached to the central column better.
i have enclosed a picture off our model & of issue 8 in the binder i hope you can the part which is faulty.
i did sell off various new magazine & sealed parts & various loose parts at good price sadly the buyer never recived them.
Which annoyed me to say the least good look with your buying please dont pay over the top prices


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