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having researched about this complaint i see i am not alone.  i have been a member of ebay since 2003 and 100% feedback i consider myself a good ebayer and have never had any reason to complain, and with no negative feedback either, until now.  i advertised my items and included my postage and packing costs and they sold with no problems, then the buyer decides that because he works for royal mail the postage costs seem to high and asked if this was going to be the cost, i informed him that this was the price, do they not realise it's not just the cost of postage but i pack my items in bubble wrap and strong paper and then depending what it is into a strong black sack for larger items.  informing him of this he requested that i send a receipt of postage and refund any money if the postage charge was less than what i stated on my listing.  i would not agree to this  and decided to refund his money and open a case with ebay explaining the situation.  Now how wonderful of ebay to inform me because he does not agree with this i do not receive a credit for any money i have paid to ebay and so i am out of pocket.  correct me if i am wrong but he bought this item knowing the full cost of everything and did not contact me before the listing ended to query the postage, but i am in the wrong, SORT IT OUT EBAY, the buyer has caused this problem, he is the one who agreed to purchase my items at the price stated and now want money back off me, i was not happy about getting into a conflict with this person as if he was going to be this petty over the postage i felt he might withhold more money once he received the item and then i would have lost more money and my items.  i think ebay has gone down hill since 1st joined, there are charges on everything you do from listing the item and paypal charges and for what, no protection from idiotic ebayers that have to cause problems. i may well buy from ebay but selling items, never again. gumtree and facebook from now on.


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