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Buyers please be aware of this person that goes by the user name frankandfred1234567, he bids on your items at the last minute and does not intend on paying for the goods he won, this is the address that a couple of sellers he use's.

Rich Lewis

39 Brybach Lane

West Fiesld (that's how he's spelt it)



Phone number 02995 258 445 (this number does not exist.

I have tried to google his address and comes up with nothing, the address does not exist either, i tried going by the post code and comes up with nothing. he also has another user id allennuthead, This guy bids on your items at at the very last minute, then leaves people negative feedback on an item he hasn't received or even seen. This guy has been reported to ebay but they seem to do nothing about it. I am now starting to lose my trust in ebay has they are not doing anything about him, and i thought this was a safe way to trade and buy, obviously not has ebay let the likes of this person get away with things like this.

So if you have a frankandfred1234567 or allennuthead bidding on your item/s he's not going to pay only just mess you about like he has with me and another couple of sellers checkout his feedback and you will see what i mean., people like this stop the genuine buyers bidding on an item they desperately want Come on ebay get your act together and get people like this kicked off this site for good.

I just want to warn the other genuine sellers about this guy, and the address given above.

Maybe if i get enough votes ebay might do something about this.

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