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I Bought sweet sweat from this seller and I never received my item. 

The seller gave tracking information that stated I received my item when I hadnt. I never eneded up receiving it like a number of other buyers from this same seller.

I contacted the seller many times about this and I got no response. I opened a case and ebay closed it in the sellers favour because they gave tracking information that said the package was delivered. if you want to steal peoples money this is obviously the way because ebay won't cover you.

I contacted the delivery company and they couldnt track down my item, give me a refund for my 'lost' package or help me in any way, they referred me to the unresponsive seller. 

On the five occasions that I called ebay they also referred me to the UNRESPONSIVE seller, they told me that they were not at fault and that I wasn't covered by the ebay money back guarantee all because the seller gave tracking information. 

They told me if the seller wont respond i should contact the police or go to small claims court, I think that is way too much hassle and a waste of time and money over £22.72. I'm so thankful it wasn't alot of money.

Please don't buy from this seller (SWEETDEALSONLINE22) as you risk not receiving your item or getting a refund. I have been a user of ebay for at least 5 years and this is the first time this has happened to me. I refuse to use ebay any longer. 
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