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Hi guys, i decided to write a guide on what to watch out for on ebay, in my own personal experience and words, the first and most important thing to say is that there are scammers on ebay, if you are not careful you will not read the signs and stand a good chance of losing your money.

here are a few things that should be considered to feel safe, you have the information needed to make a reliable judgement on ebay, but as i once found out if you dont know the useful tactics you cant put them into practice

feedback - feedback is a very powerful way of getting to know your seller if you know how to view it correctly, there are many things you can look at to really get to know how good your sellers service is, here are a few that i look at

the score - the most obvious but it is not the most important, someone with 1000 feedback could have obtained there total score through buying 1 pence ebooks, in total this would cost them £10, a very small price to pay for inexperienced ebay users trust. the solution - simply use the tabs on the top of his/her feedback page to change between the buyers and sellers feedback left, you can make a reliable judgement by using this method, its a simple thing to check but it can make the difference between you buying a bargain, being scammed or walking away knowing you would of been scammed.

the comments - some ebay users will leave a positive score but with negative comments in fear of negative feedback being returned back, watch out for this, if it happens often on a sellers score then you can make the judgement that there are alot of unhappy customers

the percentage - when viewing the percentage you need to take note of both of the above if a sellers percentage is low, for example if a seller has 50 positive off buyers all saying how good the seller was, then 2 negative from either inexperienced ebayers who didnt know they can get there money back or a misunderstanding the seller would have 96% positive which could be looked at as being bad (which it isnt)

negative feedback comments - i am a seller myself and would love to keep my 100% score with 0 negatives, the truth is that somewhere along the line i will have an unhappy customer for some reason, negative feedback should not be frowned upon immidiately, take a look and see if there is a responce to the negative, if there is a response along the lines of "you never contacted me" then you can be reassured that the seller is there to help and will fix any problems, sometimes inexperienced ebayers leave negative comments without knowing they can get a refund or replacement if the seller is professional about his business.

another thing to watch out for is bad replys, if a seller replys trying to ridicule a customer personally i would not trade with them, a good business/trader will think along the lines of a customer is always right and never respond angrily or arguementatively, its the same as on a market stall, if you see the seller arguing with a customer or calling him an "idiot" i would walk away

the date the seller joined and how long he has been selling for - i see it often, and it usually ends up in bad news, a new seller selling something valuable at a low cost and he/she has lots - the truth is if you bought something for a low price and could sell your stock at ebays rrp (what everyone else is) and make more money over a longer period of time you would, you can be rest assured that the seller is trying to make as much as he/ she can before ebay clicks on and suspends them! - it is these sort of sellers that give ebay a bad name! 

ask as many questions as you need answering, whatever it be - i usually find a reliable seller will reply promptly with a polite email stating the answers to your questions, if you dont recieve a reply from them at all then dont buy, if they cannot be bothered to reply to your emails in a timely fashion then why should you give them your hard earned money.

i hope this guide has been helpful, if it hasnt then i apolagise, the most important thing to note on ebay is do not rush into anything, with a little common sense you can learn new ways to make a reliable judgement of what a seller is like, simply investigate there feedback page, make calculations and you cannot go wrong.

all the best


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