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Since the changes ebay made on the 24th September the shopping experience for the buyer has become more difficult and less easy to find those special one off items. Sellers with huge quantities of lower valued/priced items come higher in your searches and you have to start looking at around page 29 to find the better quality more unique items. The reason for this is that ebay in their great wisdom have changed the search criterea to Best Match depending on word relevance, quantities, purchases, watches, feedback and DSRs (Detailed Seller Ratings), however it is difficult to syphon out the items that truely are not relevant. Ebay's ideas of relevance are not necessarily your ideas. However YOU CAN CHANGE YOUR searching experience. At the top of a search page you will see the words BEST MATCH with a small arrow next to it. Click on the arrow and change the criterea to Items Ending Soonest. This way you will find a broader spectrum of Buy It Now listings on offer and you will find the more unique. Also on the left hand column you can search more specifically. For example if you are looking for a wooden Christmas Tree Decoration. Click on Homes and Garden, then on Celebrations and Special Occasions, then on Christmas. You will have less items to trawl through and hopefully will find what you are looking for.
The other thing is to use different search words for the same item. Again using the Christmas Tree Decorations example try using Wood/Wooden/Pine/Christmas/Xmas/Tree/Trees/Decoration/Decorations/Angel/Santa Claus/Father Christmas/Angels - even try spelling words incorrectly you will be amazed at what comes up
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