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Here is the latest scammer on ebay, this buyer won the item, then refused to pay, after some persuasion he finally sent payment after i contacted ebay, then cancled the cheque same day i recieved it..i have left this up as buyer has left mis-leading negative feedback SELLERS SHOULD AVOID THIS BUYER
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eBay   26-Oct-06 at 10:18:57 BST 

 The Unpaid Item dispute has been closed for the following reason: The seller has ended this communication and filed for a Final Value Fee credit.

belinda1935   26-Oct-06 at 10:18:55 BST 

 althought this idiot has now sent payment he not wanting to continue sale

belinda1935   26-Oct-06 at 10:16:57 BST 

 to be quite honest i have dealt with titheads like you before you aint nothin special just mouth and
hot air, i don't have the patience to deal with such an ass as you and believe me i have dealt with
some of the worst as* holes on ebay and you are definatly in my top 5, you are a compulsive liar claim
to have sent payment on 21st but clearly on the envolope it states posted on 24th if you are gonna
try blag and lie you way though a sale then at least write down what you need to remember,

raymond_ok   26-Oct-06 at 10:03:29 BST 

 Firstly, I'm not your 'm8', I seriously doubt anyone would want to be. Secondly, you say I claimed
to have sent it on 21st - not so, it was posted on 22nd in Asda - if you have a complaint, take it
up with them.

Either way, you complaint was raised after the cheque had been despatched, and your
discourteous and threatening correspondence is a sad reflection on eBay's community. I really do not
wish to do business with you - kindly cancel the sale and return my cheque.

raymond_ok   26-Oct-06 at 09:49:44 BST 

 What an insulting person you are.

belinda1935   26-Oct-06 at 09:29:56 BST 

 payment recieved this morning, postdate on envolope is 24th ist class, date on cheque is 22nd, you
claim to have sent on 21st full of crap, dispute will be closed after cheque has cleared

belinda1935   25-Oct-06 at 15:50:51 BST 

 listen m8 i aint gonna sit ere answering stupid messages i have extended the date to saturday of this
week for payment to be recieved so even if the postie is a idle tw*t, it should still get here by

raymond_ok   25-Oct-06 at 13:21:28 BST 

 If you workjed for Royal Mail, you'd be aware that Sunday collections are only available from selected
postboxes in urban areas. I can confirm that there is no such Sunday collection, here, so your imagined
timetable of events isn't relevant. Neither is it unknown for postmen to re-post items they can't be
bothered delivering the first time round. In any event, my feedback shows my good standing in the
eBay community, hence my annoyance at being accoused of not sending a £4 payment

belinda1935   25-Oct-06 at 12:41:29 BST 

 as a matter of curtacy and to show ebay that i am not being un-reasonable after that i will follow
the proper procedure within ebay

belinda1935   25-Oct-06 at 12:40:28 BST 

 seems i got the date wrong your payment indicates that you sent it saturday the 21st not the 22nd,
even if you missed the collection from the postbox it would have been picked up sunday by royal mail
, they do collect on sundays i know this coz i used to work for royal mail, the payment would then
go to sorting office on sunday and be sorted monday and posted out on tuesday at the latest if send
first class, therefore i should have recieved it wednesday or thursday at the latest i give u till

raymond_ok   25-Oct-06 at 12:27:39 BST 

 Not the issue and you know it. Your cheque was sent within a reasonable time, you were advised by
email when it was sent, and you chose to threaten NPB proceedings in preference to enquiring informally
first - which is 'ebay procedure'. I would suggest that if the cheque does not arrive by Thursday,
you advise me accordingly and I'll have it cancelled.

belinda1935   25-Oct-06 at 12:19:38 BST 

 i will follow the ebay procedure, the listing clearly stated which payments are available, by reading
and bidding on the item you automatically agree to the terms and conditions of the sale

raymond_ok   25-Oct-06 at 12:09:00 BST 

 It is your right not to accept Paypal, however since there is no other way to pay quickly, your stance
is both unrealistic and unwarranted. Considering there is no post on the 22nd, you clearly expect
miracles. As you take no responsibility for your items lost in the post, I'll have to do the same.
Should you attempt feedback extortion, you'll be reported for it and any strike successfully appealed.

belinda1935   25-Oct-06 at 11:46:01 BST 

 payment has not been recieved, not having a paypal account is my choice not the buyers, if like the
buyers has indicated payment was sent on the 22nd oct then it should have been recieved by now, if
payment is not recieved by thursday item will be relisted and i will go throught the process to recover
fees and a unpaid item stike will be issued with ebay

raymond_ok   25-Oct-06 at 11:34:17 BST 

 I have already paid for this item using check or money order. Payment details are as follows:
Check number: 669
Amount: £4.00
Payee: Mrs B Ross
Payment date: 22-Oct-2006
I don't know if this check has been cashed.

Additional comments: It would be considered courteous if seller enquired if the payment had been sent, rather than file a
claim. Secondly, if seller had a Paypal account she would not have to have waited until the weekend
for her cheque to be posted.

eBay   25-Oct-06 at 11:14:16 BST 

 An Unpaid Item dispute has been opened for the following item: READERS DIGEST MOONLIGHT PIANO CDS (#130036514837)
Reason given for Unpaid Item: The buyer has not paid for the item.
Buyer actions reported by seller: The buyer's payment has not been received.


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