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I have recently started to sell on Ebay and thought I was a wise woman!!! Wrong - I have never came across so many deceitful people; it has really opened my eyes. For example - I bought myself an expensive outfit as my "motivation to drop a dress size".  Needles to say, I never got into it! After lying in my wardrobe, still tagged, never worn, immaculate condition. for 2 years, I decided to sell it on EBAY.

Along comes the buyer, pays for the outfit, I send it and transaction over?  NO.  Buyer then contacts me, after a week,  informs me the the outfit is damaged and  that it "did not meet the item description as  Brand New With Tags".  I reply that the items was BNWT and that I would give a refund as soon as I received it back.  The outfit arrived back.

It had obviously been worn, and the buyer had re-attached the tags, and pulled threads all over the back of the outfit.  I refused to refund and the case was sent to EBAY for resolution.

EBAY suspended the payment in my account and one week later find in favour of the buyer.  Case closed.

And to rub salt into my wounds - they left me negative feedback which resulted in me losing my 100% positive feedback!

I am now left with a horribly expensive outfit that is not even fit to give to charity!  Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can prevent this happening again?
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