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When buying memory cards from an ebay seller or business, check or ask if the memory card comes in SEALED packaging.

Unfortunately there are lots of fakes in the markets. They come in the form of re-manufactured, damaged and even lower capacity cards with stickers indicating higher capacities. For example: 64MB memory card with a 2GB sticker on. Also possibly damaging the mobile phone or memory loss. Many memory cards sell below the cost of manufacturers. You are likely to receive any envelope with a loose memory card in!

All cards should really come in sealed packaging as the manufacturers want to grow their brand name through the use of packaging, hence manufacturers will rarely sell without the packaging. Therefore there is no excuse to not sell in sealed packaging.


To reduce the amount of fakes in the markets SANDISK & TRANSCEND can verify your memory card is genuine through their websites. Many memory cards comes from the Far East and even UK based sellers are selling these.

It is advised to pay the £1.00 or £2.00 extra for a 100% genuine product, rather than risk your £200.00 + phone or digital camera for a fake memory card.

It is worth checking the feedback of sellers and businesses to get an overall idea of the quality of the products sold.

All memory cards come with a warranty, some are 5 years and some are lifetime. Check with the seller if not listed.

Finally check if VAT is added during checkout. Some sellers sell below market price and add VAT during checkout increasing the final price. Once you have committed to buy, you are required to purchase  - so check this out first.

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