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After spending several months looking through hundreds of post with the tiles "QUAD CORE PC - 4GB DDR2" and then looking at the price and it's only £330 some would say, "wow bargain" but wait, what are you actually getting for your money.

Let start at what you can guarentee will be of good quality. 80% of the big name PC suppliers on ebay sell their quad core system with the Intel Q6600, this is probably intels top selling CPU and justified at that, it's a great CPU. Secondly 80% the Motherboard supplied is pretty good. And it stops there at what quality components you actually will get.

Now for the bad side.

When you are thinking about buying a PC from ebay you have every right to be sceptical, but i assure you there are some great bargains to be had, just shop around and don't just go for the big name companies on here.

Now lets actually begin.

Case: Alot of the time the first thing on the listing will be a picture of the case, don't just have a quick look and then scroll past it, see if it say what brand and model it is and then do some research on it. And heres why, many people won't bother finding out about a case, as long as it looks ok and has light then they're happy, but remember the case is you PC components home, there are some things to consider. Is the cooling from the case enough, if ther isn't enough cooling this can effect your components and reduce their lifespan. Is the case of good build, many cases will look good from a picture but the build quality will be awful. And remember you don't know how much the supplier paid for the case, it could of cost them only £10 so do some research on the case.

Motherboard: Most listing will be supplied with a pretty descent motherboard, but again do some research on the supplied motherboard. I have seen many PC listing have the Asus P5N-E SLI motherboard, many people will see the SLI and think wow this must be a good motherboard, well actually no this is no that good a motherboard. It's known to have problems with alot of RAM Modules and there have been alot of reports about it failing after a few months, also this motherboard sells for about £55 retail and for an SLI motherboard it screams poor quality.

Next alot of listings won't even list what the motherboard is or won't list the specification of the motherboard, these are listings to be avoided.

RAM/MEMORY: Here is where alot of PC suppliers on ebay do their cut back, many are listed with 2 to 4 GB of DDR2 800MHZ RAM BRANDED, but they don't actually list what brand the RAM is... 1GB of DDR2 800MHZ RAM can be purchased for about £9 unbranded, this, i suspect is what many of these companies are using, unbranded cheap RAM, look at the feedback of these companies and you will see some negative feedback for cheap RAM. Message the seller and see if they tell you what branding the RAM is, otherwise i would steer clear.

Graphics Card: Now is a 1GB graphics card better than a 512MB graphics card? Well no not nessciseraly. Many of the Quad Core system come with a 1GB graphics card, but the actual model it pretty poor, alot are supplied with the ATi 2400PRO 1GB graphics card, this is actualy a pretty poor graphics card but because of the 1GB advertised people will think it is good. Graphics card have processors just like a PC processor, it doesn't matter how much video RAM there is be it 512MB or 1GB if the processor is poor it will never be very good. Plus the 2400PRO is only about £25 retail.

Warranty: Many aren't even worth the paper they're written on, look through these companied feedback are there are many negative feedbacks saying that it was incredibly difficult to get their PC repaired when there was a fault. What alot of these companies lack is good customer service skills.

All in all if you see a Quad Core system for £330 on ebay, inspect the listing thoroughly, know exactly what you are getting and don't be ripped of by poor quality components, spend about £20-£30 more and get all branded components. Youll probably get about 1-2 years more use out of the system.
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