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I have recently bought a brand new 360 premium from game stores in leeds

the console has developed a fault already after 3 weeks(bought 31/1/07 £299) it will not load or play games.i have phoned microsoft and after waiting 45 minutes to finally get through to the customer service dept,ive been told to return my xbox  to them so they can repair it, they arranged for it to be collected (sort of, i need to put it in a unmarked box and phone up u.p.s and label it ) they estimated that it would be returned in 15 days.this issue got me thinking to see if anyone else had similar problems so i did a search on the forums etc  and its come to my attention that xbox360 faults are very common very. very common,and customer sevices are a nightmare some customers report 2 months for the replacement to be supplied, and refurbished unit delivered ?(why refurb is bill gates skint)

so please bear this in mind if you planning on getting one especially buying one second hand off ebay as from what ive been made aware of 7 out of 10 new machines are waiting to pop.

do a search,and look for yourselfs before parting with your hard earned

save your money and get a ps3 i wish i did now


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