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as a beatle fan for many years. when i purchased my autographs i took a few things into consideration.

1- research your subject.  look at facsimile copies of their signatures and use them as your'e guide as to what you should look for in your'e selection. bear in mind over the years one signature will be different from another.

2-it is open to human error- one expert will say theirs are genuine and give a coa (and they aint worth nothing). if you get them authenticated- it may result they are not real-you then go back to the seller who then may say "prove it" AND YOU CAN'T.

3-buy from a dealer with a reputation in the beatles. who will not buy possible fakes and is selective with what he/she buys to sell on.

4-remember the beatles did few to little autograph sessions.they was always on the move. so who knows whats genuine and whats not. sighned fan club cards from the sixties are fake obviously because they were never there- and the secrataries/roadies did fake their signatures. it is pot luck.

5-autographs of the fabs are 40+ years old - so look for very possible ink fading on age related paper. it really is stupid seeing all four autographs on clean crisp paper and fresh ink. and if you have researched them they are NOTHING LIKE THEM.

6-if some come with a dedication. buy them type as they are few and far between. personalised is the closest guarrentee for them to be real. and they will cost you a small fortune.

all four signatures be expected to pay £3,000 upwards(depending whats been signed). neally all of what i see sell on ebay makes me smile. and last of all COME ON if the sellers are letting them go for a couple of hundred pounds and no reserve - then alarm bells should ring.

on a last note it is a minefeild.

please click the yes if youve found it worth knowing. cheers.


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