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Remember to always read the whole listing. somewhere down the bottom of E Cell's listings there is a note about about there products not being sold with warranty. Hence despite buying a Samsung Galaxy S4 zoom as a brand new phone, when it broke 7 months later I am unable to have it fixed due to them having sold me a model with a Malaysian serial number. They have A 14 day return policy only. In this day an age paying £319.99 for a brand new unopened product should really be covered by a manufacture warranty. They say Samsung supply to them with no warranty? Why would they do that? The customer care from these people is unbelievable for someone operating in the 21st century. Sometimes I guess it is worth thinking just a little more about why a product is that little bit cheaper than the full RRP. Always check the full listing as I will after a very costly and harsh lesson.
I would avoid this company at all costs. I will certainly choose to make sure I buy UK models in the future, as then it would have been covered by by Samsung's European warranty.

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