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Essential kit for the new arrival

You are probably reading this because you are expecting a bundle of joy in the co,ing months. What nobody told you when you were thinking about your new baby was that you would be bombarded by every sort of advertising for all manner of weird and wonderful products that would be 'essential' for your newborn. It's terrifying, but, have no fear, here are some of the essential pieces of baby kit that have kept my life sane. It's a subjective list so not comprehensive but I hope you'll find it useful.
1) A crib. Cribs can be slightly more expensive than a Moses basket if bought new but are picked up really cheaply on eBay. All you'll need to buy is a new mattress for £10-£15 and it will last you for up to 6 months. The resale value is pretty decent too so, in my opinion, a great piece of kit!
2) A comfy bouncy chair. Again, ours was picked up for £10 in ebay and has been perfect for both of my children.  We found that the best ones were the simplest ones (we opted for a Chicco) and washable covers are a must.
3) A travel system. Choose the one you like the look of, have a test drive in the department store and look at the hundreds of listings on eBay of second hand travel systems. You'll save a fortune and will probably use it every day. Note: a brand new car seat is always recommended.
4) A sling. Again, these are a very personal choice but if you have a baby that needs a lot of reassurance then a sling can keep them near while you get on with everything else.  Make sure that you follow safe sling guidelines.
5) A selection of vests and baby grows. You will be changing your baby's clothes far more than you can imagine so the easier they are to get on and off, and to wash, the better. Check out the bundles for sale on eBay as often newborn clothes are barely worn. 

Congratulations...and good luck!
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