Baby's First shoes when ?

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When does your baby need their first pair of walking shoes ?

When he or she can stand up with furniture NO!

When crawling NO !

In the pram around 6 months NO !

soft pram shoes YES with all of the statements mentioned above.

Hard soled shoes should only come into play when your toddler or baby (if walking early say from 10 months) is walking around the house most of the day unaided and walking out and about outside.

It isn't practical for walking outside on rough terrain so this is when hard shoes are more practical.

please remember that a baby learning to walk will use their big toes to balance and arms outstretched so barefoot in the house is better,especially if learning to walk on slippery surfaces such as laminated flooring. Do not be tempted to use just socks either as slips and tumbles will happen causing bumps to the head as they take those first precious steps.

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