Bach Rescue Remedy.

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Bach Rescue Remedy Gummy Stars
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Bach Rescue Remedy Gummy Stars

Bach Rescue Remedy.

What are Rescue Remedy products?

Rescue Remedy products are a unique blend of 5 different flower based remedies that help calm, Soothe and relieve. The Bach remedy formula has been used by people for over 80 years, two very useful and innovative Rescue remedy products are the Bach Rescue Remedy Gummy Stars and the Bach Rescue Remedy Gum.

Bach Rescue Remedy Gummy Stars.

A star shaped, orange flavoured gum that helps soothe and is gentle enough to take whenever needed. They contain no artificial flavours, colours or sweeteners. They are gluten, alcohol and preservative free.

Gummy Stars are suitable from the age of 2 so they are great for children and adults alike.

These star shaped gums come in foil strips that tear off in strips of 3, so they are easy to carry with you at all times. Each gum contains 4 drops of Rescue special flower remedy.

Each box of rescue remedy gummies contains 36 gummy stars.

Bach Rescue Remedy Gum.

A Spearmint flavoured gum that helps soothe. It contains a liquid centre that consists of 4 drops of the Bach Flower remedy.

Rescue remedy chewing gum is suitable for vegetarians and contains sweeteners,

Excessive use may result in a laxative effect.

Each box of rescue remedy chewing gum contains 17 pieces of chewing gum in an easy to carry/dispense small card, flip top box.

Both Gummy stars and Rescue chewing gum can be found in our ebay store at very competitive prices.
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