Backround information on IRON-ON hotfix items

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A bit of backround information on Rhinestones.

On each rhinestones there is glue attached at the reverse side which is flatback. the glue types are SILVERBACK and GREENBACK. They both stick well to materials but the Greenbacks have a slightly stronger bond. Silverbacks would be used on thin material where the reverse side would be visible like veils. the greenback leave a slight dark patch on the reverse side. For most cases greenbacks are perfect.

The rhinestones have a SILVER foil underneath to give them the best shine and sparkle. and under the foil dry glue is affixed.

The glue melts at approx 340 to 375degrees. The glue needs to melt and adhere to the fabric to give it strength.

For fabric iron-on items the glue melts at 110 degrees.

To apply, you can use a variety of tool, but the household iron does a very good job and is easily available. PLEASE try on a scrap piece of material  if you feel the material may get damaged.

Information on making your own fabric iron-on items.

All iron-on items have glue that is affixed to the base. some glue types are dry strips and others are special glue that is pasted at the base and within 30 minutes the glue dries, ready to be used when ever required.

Both of these types of glues are available at certain sources, they are not easy to find as no-one wants to give away secrets which in time will loose them money.

TIP - you can use the gun glue that can be baught from any diy stores, the ones i mean are round clear rods which melt under heat. all you need to do is melt this glue then spread it over your item ( fabric patch or badges etc..). the glue will dry up quick o as soon as it has melted you will need to apply thinly quickly.

once the glue has dried then the patch can be used whenever required. once you place a med to hot iron over the patch the glue will melt again and stick to the fabric.

At first this process will be a bit messy but after good practice you can make your own iron-on patches.


We do sell all types of iron-on items. our items are made from the manufacturers, so they are good quality and with special fabric glues.

You can also buy iron-on tapes which you just peel of and then iron-on to any types of garments, then you can write or draw. this is ideal for writing names on socks, shirts, or even kids school uniforms. we will be supplying these within a few weeks. but they can be found from many sources.

If you are interested in any particular iron-on items then please mail us as we do specialise in a large variety of iron-on good and might be able to help or put you on the right directions.

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