Bad Packaging

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Note to All Sellers
Most people buy models and collectables as an investment so the condition is vital, so when your selling a collectable item in excellent condition it's imperative that it reaches the buyer in the same condition so please make sure you pack your items correctly, over the years of buying on ebay I have had some items really well packaged and some not. I had a corgi model which I paid £80 for it arrived packed upside down in it's box which caused a couple of breakages but worse than that it arrived wrapped in a bin liner, the model and box is now worth about £5, I've had models turn up in jiffy bags, OMG why...they are not going to make it in one piece unless your really lucky.
It's no good keeping the P&P cheap and then not having enough money in the deal to buy a box to put your item in.
I know this doesn't apply to the majority of ebay sellers but it sure does apply to some, I have always been fair with leaving feedback but from now on I'm really going to tell it how it is so if the packaging is crap then the feedback will be crap it's that simple

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