Bad taste Bears Guide

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I have been asked by BzzAgents to wright buying guides on things we are passionate about. I hope this helps people out.

A bear for every occasion

These are a little hobby of mine. I tend to find there is a bear for every occasion ( although no good for kids, mainly a open minded light humored adult)
The best thing about the bears is they all have names that link to how they are produced. eg Sheldon as a Easter special and he was made to look like a Easter egg and Hal was for Halloween and looked like a hollowed out pumpkin. I gave one to my mum when she gave up smoking i bought her a bear covered in patches and he was called patch. As I said something for everyone.

A lot of places sell these and the best prices are always on e-bay. and you can always get a bargain with them. A lot are seen as rear bears done by a company called piranha and he had signed a lot of his work which make it worth more.

These bears are and can be highly sort after, but the quirky designs are what attract me. All they are is a little light humor. Have fun looking at all the names and the bears and trying to work out why they are called the name given.

Happy Shopping x
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