Banish ACNE forever. The MYTHS and FACTS of ACNE

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Here's how you can eliminate ACNE, Discover the FACTS and MYTHS about ACNE and learn how to kiss ACNE goodbye FOREVER................

Lets talk about skin.

Well it’s the largest organ of the body and probably the most abused. It takes around 30 days for the new skin cells to rise to the surface. Having great looking skin doesn’t stop at the ladies, a massive wave of product users are now male.   

Never has your appearance been more important than at this time.   We judge people within seconds of seeing them.   We have an opinion of a person who is covered in spots, we come to conclusions right or wrong if someone has eczema or dry flaky skin.   If someone is unshaven, dirty, wears heavy dark makeup, has lank greasy hair, has acne, like it or not we make instant decisions on how we look.   It also affects our mood and behaviour.

Take a good long look at your skin in the mirror – what do you see? Do you like the image? Are you projecting the right image for who you are? How does your skin measure up?   Is it clear, glowing with health, a joy to look at? Or like so many people are you suffering with spots, blemishes, dark circles with a generally tired thick complexion.   If this best describes your looks don’t worry the good news is, that all can change within 30 days.

Why 30 days?
This is the average time it takes for new cells to rise to the surface of your skin.   So you can technically say you are a completely different person every 30 days!
Over the next few articles I will discuss various methods that will guarantee your skin to be beautiful, blemish free, a joy to look at, no matter what nationality you happen to be or how long you have been suffering with problem skin.

Lets start with the most common, Acne:
As you are probably aware our skin secretes an oil called sebum, which is naturally produced.   Sebum is the chemical that helps to keep the skin at the correct levels of pH to enable the skin to fight bacteria and infections. You see we were not designed to suffer with spots, eczema, dry skin, etc., Without this correction your skin will not be able to perform at it optimal level.

If you have suffered from acne for a while you will know that as soon as you find a new product that promises clear skin, you use it for a day or so and it looks like it is working only to discover that it doesn’t.    This is because your skin is a very clever organ, it adjusts to whatever you do to it very quickly. The biggest misconception is that you need to buy a product either soap or cleanser that is so harsh it strips ALL the oils from the skin. This simply encourages the skin to produce more, you then think you need to use more of the harsh product and the skin produces even more oils, a vicious circle.   Break this cycle NOW.

Stop using everything you have tried or are thinking of trying.
For a couple of days leave your skin, allow it to “rest”.   Simply rinse with warm water but no products.   Try not to get your hair products on your face, these too can create bad skin.

Once your skin has rested then I recommend a product that has absolutely NO bad ingredients, this isn’t as easy as it may seem as many companies will promote the good ingredients and not mention the bad fillers used. Even the most well respected companies within the industry use these bad ingredients, price also is not an indicator of quality.   With these fillers it doesn’t matter how much good natural ingredients are used they will not work as the fillers will block the pores preventing them from being effective. Do not mix different company products ie cleanser from Clarins, toner from body shop and moisturiser from boots this again is damaging your skin.   Every company works on a different method some use exfoliation to get results some use “sealing in” the moisture.   Keep to one product line.

If you are in any doubt then please feel free to email me on and I will be happy to advise.   I have researched for many years companies that will provide only the good and none of the bad.   

Getting back to acne, to restore your skin to it youthful, glowing and healthy state I recommend the following five point daily regime:-
This is essential to clear the pores and remove toxins from the skin.   Do not use anything with soap, coal tar or similar harsh cleansing agents, these damage the skin structure and creates further problems.

Be careful too much exfoliating and this will damage the skin.   Use a mild, exfoliant preferably with marine diatoms, which will not damage the skin. Too many companies including the large, well-respected companies work with exfoliating the skin.   This is not desirable and it strips the skin and sebum.

Re - balance or Tone:
I have many people telling me even now, that the pores are closed with toners.   This is not true, pores cannot be closed, they can be blocked but not closed.   It is with the pores that the skin breathes if the pores are closed or blocked then the skin is in trouble and dies.   Toners were created for two reasons, one was to firstly remove the oil and petroleum left on the skin from traditional cleansers and secondly to retract the pores after the debris had been removed. Every hour of every day our skin is exposed to pollutants and dirt, this is held within the pores stretching them, if the pores are not cleansed thoroughly and then helped to retract to their original size, the result is very large exposed pores.   Most toners have harsh alcohols, which again will cause further problems; natural Witch Hazel will retract the pores and restore the pH levels of the skin making the skin work at its optimal levels. This is one of the most important products your skin needs but it can be the most damaging if using the wrong product.

A good hydrating product can work wonders for scar tissue, and will assist the skin in the healing process and hydrate the skin. The side effects of this product are that it assists the elastin and collagen to perform better, hence younger skin!

Use only moisturisers with humectants and with an SPF, humectants are water magnets, which will attract the moisture from the air – totally different from the “sealing in” process. Technology has moved so much within the skin care products and using oils and petroleum by products is such an old method of use that now we know does not work.

I have found that many companies claim to have a successful regime. Time and time again they will promote one or two good ingredients only to find that the bulk of the products are useless and in many cases damaging to the skin.

What would you do to get the skin you desire?   How much would you pay for products that do the job they are advertising? I find that people spend a fortune on “special” treatments only to find the problem re occurs.   What a waste! Using this five-product regime together with a blemish treatment that will stop any spot in its tracks. It doesn’t matter how long you have had acne or how bad it is within 30 days you will be delighted at the results and you will be amazed just how easy it is to achieve beautiful blemish free skin - Guaranteed.

The Do’s and Don’t on Good Skin Care.
Do: Use high quality ingredients
Do: Keep to a simply regime
Do: Use the right products for your skin type
Do: Remember your skin will change, whether you move to a different location or if you stop or start to smoke.
Do: Cleanse, Tone, Hydrate and moisturise twice a day.

Don’t: Mix different company’s products
Don’t: Use products with cheap bulking agents such as petroleum by products, oils coal tar alcohol etc.,
Don’t: Tear at the skin this will create lines and wrinkles too early.


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