Banknotes - Regluation of and some useful do's & don'ts

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Banknote Regulations

Just a few regulations that may or may not be useful to collectors and fellow traders in worldwide currency. There are bound to be others, but these are just a few we have come across.


No one is allowed to reproduce any part of any banknote produced by the Bank of England without express permission to do so. If approved you have to fulfill certain conditions that regulate the size of any photographic reproduction and emblazon the word "Sample" across the picture in two places. There are strict rules on size, colour & positioning of the "Sample" too. If in any doubt, contact the Bank directly for guidance, check out their website or by all means drop us a line and we will point you in the right direction.

Germany/Iraqi Dinar

German regulations changed in early 2007. You are now no longer able to import/export/sell or otherwise transport any Iraqi Dinar currency over any of the German borders. For genuine law abiding sellers like ourselves, this means we are regrettably unable to sell (Iraqi) banknotes to our customers in Germany, however we fully support and abide by this regulation. This has become necessary due to movement of vast quantities of currency by armed forces personnel who then market the currency as an investment opportunity. Please do not fall for these scams. The Iraqi Dinar is virtually worthless and its value is being artifically supported to ensure stability of the financial system in Iraq. 

Yugoslavia & Former Republics of.

It is an offence to post/send/transport or carry any currency of a former Yugoslavian country, i.e. Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Croatia, Slovenia, Macedonia, into any of the same countries. There used to be a lot of criminality that reproduced such notes and flooded these countries with fake notes. The authorities quite rightly had to take action and those regulations still stand today despite the subsquent breakaways of each individual republic/nation.

For example, you are unable to send your friend in Croatia an old obsolete Slovenian banknote and vice versa. We have many customers in Macedonia, Slovenia & Croatia, but are regrettably unable to supply them with a former banknote from their own country. We are of course happy to continue to supply them with other countries banknotes to further their own collections.


Banknote ban between Cuba & U.S.A. no longer applies.


We hope you found this useful, if you know of any other regulations, we would be grateful to hear from you.

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