Banksy Prints - What to look for.

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My partner and I have been buying Banksy Prints and stickers for a few years now, directly from Pictures on Walls and Art republic, to buying a few bits from Ebay, but we always follow simple rules and we have never been caught out. First of all, ensure that the print has a Pictures on Walls Embossed Stamp, which is a circle, usually with the edition number within. Unofficial prints within the edition may not have a number, and might simply be samples, and as such this should be reflected in the price. Regardless of where you are buying, look for high resolution pictures in order to check the stamp, the signature (if it has one) and lastly check the edition number. For instance the Virgin Mary print is sold out of an edition of 600, so if someone is selling edition 650 then you know you are onto a fake. If sellers cannot provide a photo(s) of His/Her print(s), rather using only a stock photo, or copying somebody else’s auction text and images, then alarm bells should start to ring. Don’t forget that Ebay Feedback can be faked. Unfortunately, due to the very nature of Banksy exposure, there are those seeking to exploit this trend, and pass off fake items, or "Banksy associated" good, which have no root in the artist what’s so ever, so keep your eyes peeled. Certainly I would argue that if you cannot afford a real Banksy, then buying a small key ring or postcard might be a good opportunity....
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