Bare Escentuals - my first test of mineral powders!

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A beautician friend of mine has just bought mineral powders from a new UK brand and she tested them out on my skin, I was so impressed with the results that I tried to track some down on ebay.  I hadn't realised how many different brands were available - in the UK its not widely advertised as a product. I spent absolutely ages looking at all the various brands and what people thought of them on lots of reviews websites.  I read mixed reviews of nearly all the products and no one brand seemed to stand out head and shoulders.

I took the plunge and opted to buy a starter set from Bare Escentuals as most reviews seemed to be positive although the product was said to be expensive on the high street. Not only this but the set i bought came with three kabuki brushes which offered really good value. The set contained two medium foundation shades one neutral and one warm, mineral veil finishing powder, warmth bronzer and glee blusher.

Firstly i would say that if you are thinking of buying mineral powders you need to invest in some really good quality brushes designed for the job, the application is much easier and looks more professional with the brushes supplied in my kit than with my ordinary make up brushes.

Now down to the product itself.  I have uneven skin tone, and in my thirties want good coverage without settling into my fine and deeper lines after a couple of hours.  I wanted the product to be quick to apply and last all day without feeling claggy or slipping.   i have combo skin and tend to break out around my hairline and chin. I needed a flexible tone because I often self tan and somedays i am browner than others.  i wanted my freckles to show and my dark circles to disappear magically!  Bare escentuals  delivers on all counts and i can layer my foundations for extra coverage for nights out, or light for days at the office.  My skin feels silky, looks mattified, natural and even.  the glee and warmth add definition and colour without looking false.  I can combine the medium colour with medium tan colour to completely match my tan. I havent had a spot to date and its been 10 days - i confess i havent taken my make up off since ive started using it "so pure you can sleep in it!"

Bismuth content.  A lot of people have said that this causes a reaction in some skin types and I am no scientist!  All I can say is I have very sensitive skin and I have to say that in my case I do not get any reaction at all.  Some of the bare escentuals products do not  contain bismuth.  I understand that bismuth is added to help the product cling to the skin, so if you are not sensitive to the ingredient the coverage and lastability is really good with the Bare escentuals brand.  I read that others that dont contain Bismuth but they dont last as long.

The kit I bought cost around £35 from the US and I think it is money well spent and im thrilled.  You need such a small amount of product that this will last me for several months, even wearing it everyday.  If there is one thing you should invest in its the Bare escentuals Handy buki brush, its the perfect shape  for buffing the product into your skin & great quality.

So if you are thinking of buying mineral powders just go for it.  I will never ever use liquid foundation again and my skin looks better for it.  enjoy!

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