Bas-reliefs on Wedgwood Jasperware - part 2

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It's very interesting that when one gets into the area of collecting the bas-relief images on Wedgwood Jasperware, quite severely damaged pots - but with the images intact - can be bought for next to nothing.  So our next ten items are from just such things. 

AGKC-11 - Poor Maria - William Hackwood, ca. 1783


AGKC-12 - The Bourbonnais Shepherd - William Hackwood, ca. 1783


AGKC-13 - Sacrifice to Aesculapius - attr. William Hackwood, ca.1773


AGKC-14 - Cupid Asleep - unknown, ca. 1773


AGKC-15 - Venus Hiding Cupids Arrows


AGKC-16 - The Dipping of Achilles


AGKC-17 - Polymnia - John Flaxman, ca. 1776/7


AGKC-18 - The Archers


AGKC-19 - Coriolanus - John Flaxman, 1784


AGKC-20 - The Procession


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